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Just Google It!
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Just Google It! - a multi-fandom fic challenge
Have you ever spent long and deeply unproductive hours, while pretending to be doing something very important and serious, googling yourself, your family, your friends and possibly that hot teacher you had in tenth grade?

We have.

And then we realised that it was even more amusing to google our favorite characters from books, music and TV and imagine them as the managers of a discreet escort agency, or as clowns, or Edwardian inventors, or world champions at cabbage eating.

And so, welcome to the first and possibly only Multi-Fandom Just Google It Challenge, where the fics you can write are limited only to the ingenuity of a couple million (possibly) innocent internet users.


The Rules

1. Anything goes, pretty much - rps, tv, music and film fandoms are all welcome, and no fandom bashing of any kind will be tolerated. If you have a burning desire to work with a particular prompt, that's great, just as long as you can prove that it was the product of a genuine google search (or site such as googlism.com, we're not too picky) using either the character's first or last names (or any combination thereof). You can also use a picture as a prompt, but it needs to come from a google image seach.

2. The fics produced can be slash, het or gen, and though the idea is to get you to write AUs, that's not totally necessary. For example, if you found a result along the lines of John Sheppard should look where he's going more often, he's really clumsy you could write an ode to his sudden clumsiness set in the chronology of the show.

3. All fics must be over 1,000 words long.

4. All fics must be submitted to this community before the 30th of November, 2007. If you finish earlier, please feel free to post as and when you're done.

5. Remember to label your finished fic correctly, with fandom, pairing, rating and author. This will make the mods and your readers happy people.


To get you started, we've got a variety of prompts from different fandoms here, but if you want to use a character or fandom not on our list, or you've got a great prompt idea, comment here and we'll add it to our masterlist. Comment to claim one, and first come first served.

And remember, google is your friend.

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