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Welcome and prompt ideas

Hello and welcome to Just Google It, the community where Google is king and fandom is its adoring love-slave.

Because the ingenuity of a few people cannot match the power of the mighty Google, we can't possibly find all the fabulous prompts out there, or include all your favorite characters in our Prompt List. So this is the place for all your suggestions.

If you see a glaring (but general) omission in terms of a fandom or a character, just comment with your idea and we'll go prompt hunting for you. If, on the other hand, your google search turns up the perfect prompt (or five) for a particular character, comment here either with the search result (don't cheat and make one up, we'll know because we're magic) and we'll add that exact prompt to the masterlist.

Please note that this is not where you CLAIM a prompt. You can only do that on the master prompt list, because otherwise everything would get very confused, and that is against the spirit of Google. Once your suggestion has been added to the list we'll reply to your comment telling you that it's ready to be claimed.

Prompt away!
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