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Great Big List Of Prompts

And here it is, your prompt list. Check back, because it's going to grow. Don't see what you want? Go here and suggest it.


1. Ross Ryan - You Can Trust Me (I'm a Web Site)

2. Ryan Ross Farmers Insurance Agent in Arvada, CO

3 George "Font Cowboy" Ryan rode into Dodge more than twenty years ago on his trusty steed 'Pica.' In his diacritical style, George proclaimed, "Now there's a new serif in town."

4. If I win, maybe I’ll try to have “Tea Time with Brendon,” where students can come and we can share ideas about what’s going on and what can be done better.

5. Brendon is keeper of the Churchill Archives and a fellow of Churchill College, Cambridge. He is the author of twelve books, most recently The Dark Valley, the acclaimed history of the 1930s.

6. Then came the final straw that broke the back of my saying no to my gonads, which was I dreamed I was that black dude on MTV's "Hot and Spicy Christmas" (around like Location Indicator 34412, if you want to check it out) and Carolyn was the oiled-up white chick, and we were trying to earn the Island Vacation by miming through the ten Hot 'n' Nasty Positions before the end of "We Three Kings," only then, sadly, during Her on Top, Thumb in Mouth, her Elf Cap fell off, and as the Loser Buzzer sounded she bent low to me, saying, Oh, Jon, I wish we did not have to do this for fake in front of hundreds of kids on Spring Break doing the wave but instead could do it for real with just each other in private.

7. Jon's Jail Journal. The prison blog of an Orwellian Unperson.

8. They stickered their own record collections, and put a big sign in the window: WE BUY RECORDS FOR CASH. 'Dave liked James Brown, I liked Clifford Brown,' recalls Jon.

9. Jon is an award winning fashion designer at the threshold of becoming one of the key luxury fashion houses of the new millennium.

10. Spencer Smith is a British athlete who competes in the sport of triathlon. During his career in the early 90s his main rival was Simon Lessing.

11. Time flies when you're having fun – just ask Highlanders men's soccer coach Spencer Smith.

12. Spencer Smith. 22. Cancer. Cambridge. Ski Shop Assistant / Punt Operator.


1. Grissom - NASA History
Detailed biography of Apollo I Crew member by Mary C. Zornio.

2. NASCAR.COM : drivers : Grissom

3. Sidle Construction
Welcome to Sidle Construction. Where we make your dreams a reality.

4. The Leading Relationship Advice Site on the Net

5. Warrick Motor Co.
New and used vehicle dealer.

Doctor Who

1. John Smith & Son Bookshops
Scotland's oldest independent book retailer, possibly the oldest continuously trading bookseller in the world. Online ordering available.

2. At John Smith Locksmith we offer a complete range of locksmith services including lock changing and emergency lock repairs. We can gain entry to all types ...

3. John H Smith Chartered Accountant.

4. John Smith (1580–June 21, 1631), was an English soldier, sailor, and author. He is remembered for his role in establishing the first permanent English ...

5. Harrison's death left Tyler, the federal government, and the American nation briefly confused on the process of succession. ...

6. The Doctor's House Bed and Breakfast and Martha’s Vineyard

7. The Doctor Is (Plugged) In

8. Martha is a queen.

Harry Potter

1. Welcome to Hermione Design and thank you for taking the time to visit. Our beautiful handcrafted stationery has been specially created to give you a unique and personalized look for your special occasion.

2. Couples looking for a private & romantic weekend away, or families looking for an action- packed adventure at Lake Tarawera... Hermione Cottage is the ultimate destination.

3. Hermione Menace is a sullen, independent girl. She'd just as soon paint her toenails green and walk barefoot down Main Street as pen outlines for faux term papers on the phantasmagoric and carnivalesque in eighteenth century literature.

4. Ron is a geologist and educator living in Hays, KS.

5. Professor Ron Doney. Professor of Probability Theory Department of Mathematics Room 13.06 University of Manchester

6. Mom is a little freaked out by what Ronald has done, but comes up with a sane and reasonable plan to deal with her child's impending second-degree murder charge.

7. Since 1996, Harry has been inviting Dallas families to be a part of his own family tradition of frozen custard and hot dogs. His store on Knox Street is a gathering place for all generations to enjoy good food and fun.


1. Claire's Accessories - where getting ready is half the fun.

2. Claire Voyant. coming soon...

3. BENNETT'S BBQ - Texas Style BBQ - Seriously Good Eatin'

4. Bennett Robot Works

5. HIRO™ – Conquer Your World

6. Peter Answers - Interactive Souls Engine. Virtual Tarot. Psychic Website.

7. Nathan is thrown out of Graylake school in 1717 England because his father had the temerity to die without paying his fees.

8. A seething force of paranoid aggression was brooding, and its name was Mohinder.

9. Nathan plays all of the instruments on the record himself.

10. Nathan is in the military and gets vaccinated for everything.

11. Nathan is a sweet innocent 8 year old boy.

12. Nathan is the son of a pastor/church planter from Ohio.

13. Nathan is my alter ego if you will.

14. Claire is beginning a journey.

15. Claire is the author of over ninety books.

16. Claire is beginning to feel like a caged laboratory rat.

17 Claire is new to the escort world, although she has worked in the adult industry for a little while as a dancer and model.

18. Noah is Gabriel

19. Peter is released from prison.

20. Peter is a popular writer and lecturer.

21. Peter is now working on a book about the North.

22. Angela is missing.

Stargate Atlantis

1. By the next day thousands of copies of A Narrative of all the Robberies, Escapes, &c. of John Sheppard were being sold in the streets for a shilling each.

2. John Sheppard Artist Profile. Cross Rhythms - Christian Radio Online, a UK Christian music ministry - Christian Radio, Festival, Magazine and TV.

3. Captain John Sheppard - Private Sailing Lessons and Instruction.
Captain offering Private Sailing Lessons and Sailing Instruction in Seattle and Boat and Yacht Delivery in Seattle, the Pacific Northwest.

4. Radek is the wrong person to be prosecuting politicians.

5. Welcome to John Sheppard, the traditional butcher for modern living. The Sheppard family have been butchers for over 60 years, growing from a small local ... - claimed by traffic_west

6. McKay is a painter of portraits

7. John Sheppard was born 22 September 1817, in Kingston upon Hull. He is first recorded in the Navy in 1840 as an Ordinary Seaman.

8. Elizabeth is the author of eight books.

9. ...Official site for the Grammy award winning comedian.

10. Elizabeth is still missing, and there are 13 attempted abductions every hour.

11. 'He never let slip an opportunity to bring opponents to action, or being himself in the thickest of the fight' - John Knox Laughton on Admiral Rodney

12. As the X-Men waited for news in their civilian guises, Doctor McKay arrived and explained that with proper care, "Miss Grey" would be fine.

13. Elizabeth is voted out.

14. McKay is the recipient of numerous awards for quality dentistry. claimed by immoralilly

15. Carson is one of the most influential women in the history of science.

16. Johnny Sheppard (July 23, 1903 – August 28, 1968) was a Canadian professional hockey forward who played nine seasons in the National Hockey League with the Detroit Cougars, New York Americans, Boston Bruins and Chicago Black Hawks.

17. In speaking of Judge Sheppard’s personal appearance, he said: “My first recollection of him is when I knew him as a strong and handsome young man just beginning the practice of law. He was of robust and well rounded figure, weighing nearly 200 pounds, and I then thought him one of the most superb specimens of physical manhood I had ever seen. He was strong, handsome, intrepid, and magnetic."

18. John Sheppard
Class: Senior
Team: Youngstown St.

Men's Track and Field Summary:
05/05/07 - Campbell/Wright Open - 800m - 1:55.91
claimed by unamaga

19. John is worth whatever Nottingham Forest wants to pay.

20. John is almost certain he's not a woman.

21. Fire-Dex Firefighter Apparel

22. Dex Clothing Co.
Designer and manufacturer of fashionable clothing and accessories for men and women, sportswear, dancewear, casual, dresses, pants and much more.
claimed by sentinelsoul



1. Winchester Rifles and Shotguns...Trust Your Hunt to a Winchester.

2. Winchester Morris Men.

3. Sam is a Chinese spy.

4. Sam is usually portrayed with a goatee.

5. Dean is elected to society's governing board.

6. Dean is coordinator of the campus LGBT resource center. claimed by chase_acow

7. Dean is no new comer to the music industry.

8. Bobby is a guitar virtuoso.

9. Winning at Blackjack with Bobby Singer

10. Hurricane Dean was the fourth named storm, first hurricane, first major hurricane and first Category 5 hurricane of the 2007 Atlantic hurricane season. ...

11. Dean Foods
Processor and distributor of fresh milk and other dairy products, along with the specialty foods industry.

12. Dean's Beans
Fair trade coffee and organic coffee roasters from Dean's Beans, the only company paying more than the Fair Trade price for coffee and roasters ...

13. Hello, I'm Sam and this is my wee corner of the web, PrettyBloomers.

14. Sam the Cooking Guy
classes/events | recipes | video | sam's store |

15. Samuel Winchester is an iconic Herculean statue with hero written all over his face.

16. Beyond the fake IDs and the wall of newspaper clippings of articles about unexplained disappearances – some I was responsible for, I might add, but shhh don’t tell – and the continued association with a serial killer, Samuel Winchester wasn’t anything.

17. Walter was staying with his grandparents at the Bull's Head Inn, Stanmoor Road, Stoke St Gregory. Samuel Winchester, head, aged 53, Inn Keeper, born at Bristol. Charlotte Winchester, wife, aged 52, born at Burrow Bridge. Samuel Winchester, son, aged 34, unmarried, Agricultural Labourer, born at Burrow Bridge, Emily Winchester, daughter, aged 20, unmarried, born at Burrow Bridge and Walter Champion, grand son, aged 7, Scholar, born at Burrow Bridge.

18. He was the son of Samuel Winchester and Hannah Bates and was born in Boston on November 30, 1810.


1. Captain Jack Alcock (1892-1919). The Museum holds archives and objects relating to the career of the aviator Captain Jack.

2. Captain Jack's Undersea Company offering services for Exploration, Survey, Charter, Towing, and Salvage.

3. Captain Jack's in Orange County, CA

4. Captain Jack will get you high tonight, and take you to your special island. Captain Jack will get you by ...

5. Kintpuash, better known as Captain Jack (died October 3, 1873), was a chief of the Native American Modoc tribe of California and Oregon, and was their ...

6. Amidst the thunder of its hooves you hear wafting on the night air a loud laugh followed by the words, "Captain Jack thanks ee." ...

7. Ianto is a great storyteller.

8. Toshiko is finally at rest in a small cemetery on the grounds of a buddhist temple.

9. Toshiko is the first Japanese jazz musician to really make it worldwide.

10. Owen is the new england captain

11. My name is Gwen Cooper. I consider myself a feminist.

12. I have no doubt of the innate nobility coursing through the veins of every blood member or the ancient Harkness Clan.

13. In a sense, a Harkness might be described as a blend of fierce guardian and gentle sage.

14. One problem with tracing the Harkness lineage is the almost ridiculous over use of the same names. This may also reveal the Harkness tendency toward strong identity, loyalty to tradition, family fealty and ancestral respect - all classic Scottish attributes.

15. A few other Harkness trivia: The genes are strong, Harknesses from around the world, and across time, look alike. This is a "scratch-the-surface" hint of how deep the blood runs.

16. Harkness women are not less formidable than the men, and tend to be quite independent.

17. Dr. Harkness was head of the Department of Statistics from 1969 through 1987.

18. Harkness: American philanthropist.

Remember, don't post ideas for prompts here. Those go in this post here. Only comment to sign up for an existing prompt, and I'll reply to tell you it's yours.

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